Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hannaford Good Deal: Whole Chicken for $0.69 a pound

One of my favorite local supermarkets here in the New England area, Hannaford, is having a great sale on whole chickens this week for just $0.69 a pound. I picked up a chicken for $3.05 (over 4 lbs), which I'm roasting as I write this entry. Roasting a chicken is wicked easy. Just follow the instructions on the package.

I'm serving this chicken with white rice and asparagus, which I bought for $2.99 for the bunch and should last two meals for the two of us.

I plan to strip the meat of the chicken and save the bones for stock again. I expect the chicken can last us two meals as well.

So, tonight's dinner will cost about $1.75 per person.

Hmmm... the chicken sale ends this Saturday. I'm thinking of going back to buy a few more and stock up the freezer. Given that I only have 4 more days left in the month, and I still have $28 left in my groceries budget, I can afford to do this!


  1. why does hannaford whole chickens have 3 hearts enclosed with the neck and liver?

  2. Good question... I've never encountered that myself though :)