Tuesday, February 10, 2009

$5.99 for a Good Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Any Contenders?

I have embarked on a quest to find the least expensive, best quality 500ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Pictured here are two bottles of 500ml extra virgin olive oil in very similarly shaped bottles. Both were priced at $5.99.

The bottle on the right, labeled Vitarroz, was bought from an ethnic (Asian) supermarket and imported from Turkey, while the bottle on the left labeled Morbido Riserva Antico Frantoio Di Mezzane, Frantoio Veneti Redoro, 100% product of Italy, was bought from T.J. Maxx's clearance shelf located in their specialty foods aisle. Both bottles are fresh-dated with at least another year before the expiration date.

While both oils were good, the T.J. Maxx purchase was really exceptional. The green nutty flavor was wonderful with blanched dark leafy greens and fresh ground sea salt and pepper. The unfortunate thing is that I'm not sure if I'll be able to find another bottle exactly like this one. T.J. Maxx does not seem to always stock the same items.

So far, I am unable to find ANY 500ml extra virgin olive oil below $5.99 ($1.20 per 100ml). This search will continue.

Even at this price, e.v.o.o. is more than double the price of canola oil, which I use for regular cooking and pan-frying. But a good e.v.o.o. makes vegetables taste so much better. A 500ml bottle can generally last a month and can still fit within our tight budget.


  1. I like to shop the overstock aile at K-Mart. They have a few locations where the food never took off. If you're willing to look past the expiration dates, there's some good deals...

  2. Thanks for sharing the tip, Michael.